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Bad Ass Beer Brittle
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Stacy’s Sweet Spot was launched in 2010, as a dream that has come to fruition due to the love, hard work, sacrifice, encouragement and patience of many. Our goal is to teach and inspire you about fine chocolates and funky flavors, all with a touch of wild whimsy! At Stacy’s Sweet Spot,  we make life just a little bit sweeter!

Stacy Dreaming up New Confections

Stacy's Sweet Spot Chocolate Truffle and LipsStacy  started developing recipes for sweet stuff when she was just a girl – buying chocolates from See’s Candy, eating it and re-creating the flavors in a different form. She’d make brownies, cakes, frostings, and more.

Many years later, after balancing a family and time-consuming careers in retail and construction management, Stacy ended up at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. There she met, fell in love with and married a most wonderful man, Steve. One year, during the holiday season, Steve was searching for new and different ideas for gifts for his friends. Being the thoughtful, loving person who very much wanted to make her man happy, Stacy suggested making candies and cookies and packaging them so he could deliver them to his valued buddies. To say the least, the concept took off and quite a few people suggested she go into business for herself.

After much contemplation and talking with friends and family, Steve cashed in their “Aruba Fund” (a couple years worth of saving coins for a special vacation). There was no turning back now, so Stacy enrolled in the Professional Chocolatiers course at Ecolé Chocolate. What an amazing experience that was for Stacy, as well as family and friends! They tasted, indulged and critiqued many varieties of chocolate, working to get everything just right. Stacy was able to graduate from the program with honors (which astounded her!) leading her to take yet another step of FAITH combined with a little HOPE and a bunch of LOVE.

Stacy's Sweet Spot Lips